Playboy bunny statue illustrative photo.
Al-Jazeera claims Jews created, control porn industry, hate Jesus Christ

Midan Voice explained that whenever someone tried to present "the facts about the role of the Jews in porn," they were shut down with antisemitism as the excuse.

IDF soldiers
Photos of IDF female officers used on porn sites

The officers, who were filmed during official state functions, are fully clothed and the images were taken from news-sites.

A masked protester sits next to a flag of Pakistan during an anti-Indian protest
Serial rape case shocks Pakistan

A couple is in custody for allegedly selling rape videos to online sites.

Police officers detain protesters during a protest to demand authorities scrap a proposed extraditio
Hong Kong porn sites tell users to get a grip and take to the streets

As massive protests against new extradition law erupt, porn sites admonish users for pleasuring themselves when the political situation is so tense.

Game of Thrones
Facebook Rebbe against Mother of Dragons: Is 'Game of Thrones' porn?

Popular social media personality, Rabbi Moshe Ratt, slams the global TV hit "Game of Thrones" and calls it pornography.

United States President Donald Trump (L) and adult film actress Stormy Daniels (R).
U.S. judge dismisses Stormy Daniels' hush-money case against Trump

Trump has denied having an affair with Daniels.

A screenshot from the Castro commercial 'Where is the dress from?'
What was the sexist Israeli ad in 2018?

WIZO also crowns its top offending commercial of the decade ahead of International Women's Day.

Eitan Levine, a rising Jewish comedian.
‘Hamilton’: The Jewish man behind the porn parody

How does a ‘nice Jewish boy’ from Jersey win a porn award?

Sex [Illustrative]
Ahead of elections, Knesset pushes porn, sex workers laws

Knesset approved Porn bill in first reading, after approving third reading of Sex workers law.

Netanyahu halts bill that would have created database of porn viewers

If a bill had passed Knesset, pornographic content would be filtered out of Israeli internet, but private citizens could opt out by providing their government ID and date of birth.

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