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Israel and the cause of Zionism has attracted a great degree of supporters not only from the general public, but from celebrities as well.

Celebrities -- Be they actors, artists, or musicians -- Often champion causes with the wealth, social capital, and platforms they’ve created or gained access to. Zionism, as the movement to secure the self-determination of the Jewish people in their historic homeland, was a cause celebre since its creation, though it has also had its detractors.

Since the establishment of the state of Israel, Israeli celebrities have also begun to make a strong showing on the global stage. Patriotic Israelis have been thrust into the role of cultural ambassadors for Israel. One such celebrity is Gal Gadot, a former beauty queen who landed the role of the superhero Wonder Woman and has shown the world a more realistic and human perception of Israelis.

While support for Israel is largely been bipartisan, some celebrities have taken up the Palestinian cause, and they have consequently taken up a antagonistic view of Israel. However, Israel still retains a great degree of support among American influencers, and with fundraising galas and supportive letters regularly launched by pro-Israel celebrities. Sometimes, pro-Israel and anti-Israel celebrities come at odds with one another. 

As Important cultural figures, celebrities are often the targets of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, in the hopes that they will sever ties with Israel and lead to a cultural shift in attitudes towards the Jewish State. While these efforts have yielded some notable results, they have been very limited and to minor effect.

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Actress Mila Kunis.

Mila Kunis, over 200 other celebrities sign letter denouncing boycott of Israel

Former NSYNC singer Lance Bass and actor Jeremy Piven also signed the open letter opposing efforts to boycott an LGBTQ film festival in Tel Aviv.


Israel's battle of the narrative on social media - opinion

What to do when your country is in crisis on social media

Jewish celebrities’ deafening silence on Israel - opinion

The fight on social media is so lopsided as to be almost embarrassing.

Actress Gal Gadot receives the 2018 #See Her award at the 23rd Critics’ Choice Awards for her perfor

Celeb battles heat up on social media over Israeli, Palestinian conflict

This war is playing out on the battlefield of social media as well as on the streets of Israel and Gaza, and celebrities supporting both sides have spoken out, receiving both backlash and praise.

Enes Kanter: Israel’s unlikely NBA ally - opinion

Indeed, at nearly every step of the way in Erdogan’s increasingly dictatorial rule, Kanter has spoken out, especially on social media, in favor of human rights and for justice.

Caitlyn Jenner goes to the mat for Israel

The highest Jewish value is the infinite worth of every human being, regardless of religion, ethnicity, or gender.

Nick Cave in Tel Aviv, Israel

Nick Cave: I'm performing in Israel because of BDS

"It was important for me to come out against this silencing of artists," said Nick Cave.

Mariah Carey

Happy to be back in Israel, says Mariah Carey

“We can call [my relationship with Israel] a love affair,” she said.

Gal Gadot attends Build Presents The Cast Of "Wonder Woman" at Build Studio on May 23, 2017 in New Y

QUIZ: How well do you know Gal Gadot?

Think you know all there is to know about the hottest Israeli actress and star of Wonder Woman? Take our quiz and find out.

Jenna Jameson

A surprise from Jenna Jameson to Israel

Jenna Jameson's very sweet moment on Twitter resonates with Jews all over the world.

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