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Yamina accuses Netanyahu of ‘contempt’ for religious-Zionist community

MKs Shaked and Smotrich denounce the decision to give the chairmanship of the committee for selecting rabbinical judges to the ultra-Orthodox Shas Party.

 Special Rabbinical Court convenes on Sunday
Chief Rabbinate must disclose communications with RCA over testimonials

Controversy has long surrounded the way the Chief Rabbinate decides which Orthodox rabbis abroad it recognizes to give such testimony and it has still never provided clear criteria for this process.

Is the Rabbinical Court’s best good enough?

The Rabbinical Court must set itself free to set the agunot free.

Rabbinical courts' use of polygraphs in divorce proceedings ‘unnecessary’

A women's rights organization expressed concern regarding the use of polygraphs tests by the rabbinical courts in divorce proceedings.

Overhead view of Beersheba
Rabbinical court retroactively invalidates decade-old conversion

According to the rabbinical court ruling, the woman met her partner during her military service while she was still studying for conversion in the IDF’s conversion program.

 Special Rabbinical Court convenes on Sunday
Rabbinic ruling: Families of Ethiopian Airlines victims can sit shiva

Widows of the two Israelis killed in the the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 must wait “several months” for identification of body parts to be released from their agunot status.

An Egged bus in front of the Jerusalem Central Bus Station
Rabbinical court tells Egged to fire worker for refusing to grant divorce

The couple in question, whose names cannot be disclosed, immigrated to Israel from India several years ago with their only child.

A JEWISH bride waits for her groom during a traditional wedding ceremony in Jerusalem
Prevention of the classic ‘aguna’

The problem of a spouse, whether the husband or the wife, refusing to sever the bonds of marriage in accordance with Jewish law even at the marriage’s end, is unfortunately all too common.

Man permitted to marry second wife after first wife absconds with child

The husband opened divorce proceedings with the Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court but the woman did not respond to the divorce suit.

Woman fined by Rabbinical Court for seeking police assistance

Ex-husband allegedly owes NIS 100,000 in child support payments and harassed his former wife and her partner.

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