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File photo: Divorce.

Rabbinic court approves publishing name of American-Israeli get refuser

The Rabbinic court allowed to publish the name of the husband who refuses to give his wife a divorce according to Jewish Law in order to pressure him.


Who is a Jew? 70% of Jewish Israelis say patrilineal descent doesn't count

The poll is the IDI's biennial statistical report and serves as an in-depth look at the balance between religion and state that is so central to Israel and Israeli society.

Change Jewish marriage methods to free agunot - opinion

Management of iggun assumes that agunah is a necessary, inevitable, unending fact of life. But iggun is not a law of math or terrestrial physics. It is literally, man-made and can and must be unmade.

Settlers alarmed as Ariel Rabbinical Court reduces operating hours

The court provides services on family law, property disputes, wills, inheritance and more to tens of thousands of settlers.

Heimishe cell phone

High Court snuffs out hope for tech-savvy haredim - opinion

It is true that joining the kosher tier is voluntary, and no one forces the ultra-Orthodox to be ultra-Orthodox. But this is essentially a "no-choice" game.

Courts grant woman a Get after husband loses ability to speak

He originally refused to grant her a divorce before suffering a stroke and going mute, making it nearly impossible for him to grant one in the future.

Court bars chief rabbi from appointing judges - report

The decision was motivated by Lau's recent move to promote his brother-in-law to a senior post in the Jerusalem Regional Court.

Aguna Day: 274 sanctions issued against get refusers in 2021

The courts arranged a divorce from 134 husbands in the former USSR, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia, in 2021.


Agunah Day – We must share their stories

"By surrounding the agunot with other women, we can provide them with a feeling of strength and hope."

THE RABBINICAL Court’s Division for Agunot in Jerusalem.

Haredi get refuser to be denied housing, rabbinical court rules

The Jerusalem Rabbinical Court ruled a man who denied his wife a get since 2018 should be denied housing in an unprecedented court ruling.

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