Russian exiles to rock Tel Aviv

Perhaps the best-known act, Sonic Death celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. The self-described power trio originally hails from St. Petersburg and is currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

By Sam Halpern

Al Stewart makes history in his historically-driven performance

Stewart, the Scottish folk-rocker, looks and plays the part of a 77-year-old veteran who has been writing and singing for over five decades.


‘F antisemitism,’ John Mellencamp says as Jewish lawyer is inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Allen Grubman, a prominent attorney who was being inducted for his innovations in artists creative rights over their work, was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


Arallu extreme metal band rocks Norway

Israeli heavy metal band Arallu performance at the Garage Festival was the first of its kind by an Israeli heavy metal band in Norway.

Calexico brings the southwest desert to Israel - review

The versatile Americana band, founded in Arizona, just keeps getting better, as this – their fourth appearance in Israel in the last 15 years – attested.


Earth averted Mars-like fate with inner core restoring magnetic field - study

The magnetosphere, meaning Earth's magnetic field, is essential in allowing Earth to remain habitable. This is because it acts as a shield, protecting the planet from cosmic radiation.

Counting Crows coming to the Holy Land

“What it comes down to is that Israel is a place I loved when I was younger and we finally got an offer to go there and play. And I’m excited about it,” said founding bandmember Duritz.


Deep Purple to launch world tour next month in Israel

For Deep Purple’s Roger Glover, it’s all about the bass.


Maroon 5, Deep Purple add more shows in Israel after selling out

Maroon 5 added an additional performance on May 10, and Deep Purple added an additional performance on May 23.

The man behind Rock ’n Roll Fantasy Camp is Modern Orthodox

David Fishof is an LA sports agent and entertainment producer.

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