A secular Jewish financial hero

From Birthright to new day schools, Michael Steinhardt’s activism changed Jewish America.

Beyond election tribes and tribulations -opinion

As a result of the endless election cycle in Israel, we have seen an increase in tension between different groups and the strengthening of the walls that separate them.


Is Eshkolot the future of haredi secular education in Israel?

While the Eshkolot program has attracted close to 20,000 students, there remains an official stigma among many to publicly acknowledge their participation in the program

Meet the Fire Island shul; warning: not your normal shul

For those who observe Shabbat and Jewish holidays, and for those who simply want a relaxed destination getaway not far from New York City, there may be no better place than on Fire Island.


How are parents, adult children navigating religious differences?

Yet, all around us are families that have found ways to navigate their religious differences. We focus here on three Torah-observant families that have adult children who identify as secular.

Israeli art and design at its finest: Bezalel Graduate Exhibition 2022

I cannot help but recommend seeking out a recent Bezalel graduate if you are looking for a new local artist to patronize or simply seeking some food for thought.

Time for a new kind of Israeli-Jewish identity - opinion

Two competing narratives are at play: one secular and one religious.


Secular Jews, moral objectivism and religious ideology - opinion

While I won’t tie my moral code to religion, it’s eye-opening to see the merits of a religious belief and to hold more respect for the ideology of religious individuals.

A CHABADNIK helps a man put on tefillin in Safed.

Easy to be Jewish, but easier to decrease observance - opinion

Israel has yet to become the place of the ingathering of exiles

A secular woman cycles in downtown Jerusalem, alongside ultra-Orthodox pedestrians

As a non-religious woman, do I not have a voice? - opinion

“Anyone can be observant, but a truly religious person is kind, thoughtful, inclusive and caring.”

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