A man wears a mask and walks his dog Tel Aviv, June 4, 2020.
COVID spike in Tel Aviv provokes less anger than that among haredim - why?

A recent poll demonstrated that the general public believes that relations between the secular and ultra-Orthodox communities have been damaged.

THE DIVIDE between Blue and White’s leaders.
Does Israel want to be a Jewish state or a democratic state?

It seems that the main division lines appear to be on the question of Israel as a Jewish state or Israel as a democratic state.

Ultra-Orthodox and secular Israelis combat assimilation together

In truth, when it comes to building Jewish identity, all secular Jewish kids in America, whether their parents are American or Israeli, are in the same boat.

Enable education!
Three Ladies, Three Lattes: Enable education

Is secular education not necessary for a lifetime of studying Torah?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Naftali Bennett tour Mount Avital in the Gola
Bennett’s religion and state pitch designed to suck up right-wing votes

With their new pitch for religious moderation, Bennett and New Right and look to have those voters in their sights.

Shlomo Artzi at the torch light ceremony in Har Hertzel, April 18, 2018
Concert clash generates further secular-religious divide

Jewish law largely prohibits men from listening to women sing, especially at live performances, and Firer, requested that no women sing at the event so that he could attend.

One nation under God

The looks on everyone’s faces on the Knesset floor said, “Yes, we live in a Jewish state, and that’s the way a leader should speak in a Jewish state.”

Rabbi reunites haredi families with secular children

The phenomenon of haredim leaving the lifestyle and becoming more secular, known as neshira, is growing, and Kornfeld looks to his own experiences to help haredim connect with their secular children.

An educational oasis

BINA’s Tel Aviv Secular Yeshiva attracts locals and gap-year students from the US.

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