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The ability to end the Haredi-secular conflict is within us - opinion

In a recent study commissioned by Gesher, the overwhelming majority (65%) of Israelis ranked the haredi-secular conflict as the most pressing facing us today.


Path bridging religious Zionists, secularists explored in new book

The Wondering Jew is an eloquent and urgent call for Israelis to find a way to bridge the current divide between its warring camps.

Ultra Orthodox and secular Israelis clash in Beit Shemesh.

Orthodox and secular Israelis fight over Jewish conversion, but why?

A chief Haredi Orthodox ally of Benjamin Netanyahu called the decision “misguided [and] very troubling.”


Can Israel ever make peace with the haredi sector? - opinion

How might we make liberal-democratic-Zionist thought more haredi-inclusive?

Will Israel’s haredi, secular sectors divorce each other in the future?

Paul Alster’s superbly written novel delves into the powerful religiosity and unity (and disunity) of the modern Israel.

Yehuda Meshi Zahav, founder of ZAKA

A plea to Israel's haredi, secular communities in memory of Rabbi Twerski

There are people on both sides who seem to be attempting to do enormous damage to Judaism and the State of Israel.

COVID-19 has unmasked Israel's haredi, secular communities - opinion

The coronavirus crisis has laid bare for all to see both the pride and the problems of Israel vis-à-vis the pandemic, revealing the heroes – and the heels – along the way.

Secular women are the most stressed by coronavirus, study finds

In spite of the high morbidity in the ultra-Orthodox sector, respondents from this group reported the least stress.

Israeli secular movement BINA to open centers across Israel

The new centers will help spread BINA's message nationwide.

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