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Israel's destiny is in extending sovereignty to Area C - opinion

On behalf of the Jewish people, past and future, by virtue of historical claims, international law, and civil and humanitarian rights, Israel is entitled to extend sovereignty in Yesha.


IDF evacuates Sa-Nur, settler challenge to Netanyahu fails

They demanded that Netanyahu agree to rebuild that settlement and three others in northern Samaria that Israel destroyed in 2005 as part of the Disengagement Plan.

Jerusalem's Mayor visiting a village in east Jerusalem

COVID vaccine: Israel sets up station for Palestinians in east Jerusalem

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion visited Kfar Aqb, located near the Qalandiya Crossing, to hear the needs of the residents of the neighborhood & take a closer look at the many problems they face.

THE HAR Bracha vineyard in the Shomron Hills, one of the areas Harcavi was pleased to help develop

Settlers: Israeli jogger attacked by Palestinians near Har Bracha

The victim was transported to Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

From Trump to Biden; from West Bank annexation to Israeli apartheid

The settlement movement is now almost precisely where it was four years ago and in some ways it is in an even worse position.

UK, Egypt warn Israeli settlement activity could harm peace efforts

Plans were advanced just three days before US President-elect Joe Biden is set to take office on January 20.

A view of the West Bank

Netanyahu may approve last burst of settler housing plans prior to Biden

The number rises to 12,159 if one includes the advancement of 3,196 homes this year in the highly contentious E1 section of the Ma'aleh Adumim settlement.

US to label all of West Bank Area C goods 'made in Israel'

"Goods produced in some areas of the West Bank shall be marked as products of  “West Bank” and goods produced in Gaza shall be marked  as products of  "Gaza."

Knesset gives initial approval to legalization of 65 West Bank outposts

The Young Settlements Forum called on Netanyahu and Gantz to shortcut the process by holding a government vote on the matter before the country's heads to a fourth election.

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