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Violence – not in my religion!

Forum for interfaith leaders in Israel holds a convention against violence

Sponsored 30/11/2022

Shaare Zedek Medical Center treats Parkinsons patients using DBS for first time

Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, known as DBS, is meant to stop tremors in Parkinson's, primary tremors and other neurological diseases.

Jerusalem bombing: Critically injured Ethiopian oleh dies of his wounds

Two bombs in Jerusalem left 19 people injured, including Tadasa Tashume Ben Ma'ada, who succumbed to his wounds on Saturday.

Sinkholes: How are they formed and can we fix them? - explainer

A number of sinkholes opened up throughout Israel over the past year. These have been damaging and have even resulted in deaths. So how do they happen and how can we fix them?


Single religious women make up most Israelis who froze their eggs - study

One in three women who froze eggs before the age of 40 gave birth from the frozen eggs, but only one out of 11 who froze after the age of 40 gave birth with their help.

This cryonics facility in Arizona is preserving bodies to revive later

At Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the bodies and heads of 199 humans who opted to be cryopreserved in hopes of being revived in the future are stored inside tanks with liquid nitrogen.


Can you find work as doctor in Israel? This olah is proof it's possible

Dr. Aleza Andron was a caring person in the US, and today she’s a caring physician, surgeon, wife and mother in Jerusalem

By Leah Hakimian
  Dividing cancer cell

How an Israeli 20-year-old who never smoked got advanced lung cancer

At age 20, Geula Marx was diagnosed with lung cancer, despite her young age and that she had never smoked. The disease was discovered at stage 4 with brain metastases. Never ignore suspicious symptom

By Walla!

Israeli child avoids suffocation from arrowhead in nose for six months

Polyp surgery in a Jerusalem hospital revealed an arrowhead hiding behind nasal polyps that a toddler’s brother shot into his mouth six months ago.

AI-based tool for lung cancer treatment developed in Jerusalem

A new tool to enhance the decision-making of medical staff and patients during the treatment of lung cancer patients is under development at Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

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