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LGBT flag on Jerusalem's King George Street, July 31, 2018

Rishon Lezion city councilman: ‘Ban gay teachers, lecturers’

Cohen, from the Haredi religious Shas party, began his letter with complaints about students who were lectured about the concept of same-sex couples joint parenting.

High Court rejects Likud petition to strike down Knesset committee setup: 'illegal'

The opposition has argued proportional representation of opposition MKs on key committees is the only way to ensure checks and balances against power grabs by the coalition.

MK Moshe Arbel calls for humanitarian assistance to Lebanese health system

“The State of Israel and Israeli society cannot remain silent and stand idly by when a humanitarian catastrophe is occurring just a few minutes from the northern border,” wrote Arbel to Horowitz.

High Court of Justice prepares for hearing on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can form the

High Court: Likud plan to strike down Knesset cmt'ee setup is illegal

Vogelman went as far as suggesting that the opposition MKs were trying a form of a “coup” by refusing to negotiate with the government or show up at Knesset hearings.

'Bring vodka:' Shas MK blasted for racist comments towards Yesh Atid MK

"What national pride have you brought? An interior minister convicted of accepting bribes and sitting in jail?" MK Vladimir Beliak said, as Shas MKs yelled "Vodka, vodka" from the opposition benches.

Likud, Shas petition High Court to nix ‘unbalanced’ Knesset committees

Likud and Shas, from the opposition, petitioned the High Court to invalidate the Knesset Committee assignments, after continued boycotts.

Shas head Arye Deri calls to boycott chairing Knesset committees

The chairmanship of the Knesset Science and Technology Committee was set to be given to Shas. But Deri said his party would reject the offer.


Shas spiritual leader: Boycott Israel's government

Rabbi Shalom Cohen calls on MKs, Shas officials and heads of institutions to refrain from any contact with the new ‘wicked government,’ says God will provide.

The haredi parties' impact on Israel's religious life under Netanyahu

Ultra-Orthodox parties have wielded heavy influence over matters of religion and state under Netanyahu’s tenure as prime minister.

Shas leader Arye Deri (right) and UTJ leader Ya'acov Litzman (far left) attend a meeting in Jerusale

Haredi fury over Naftali Bennett masks real concern: Funding cuts

The concern is less that the Jewish character of the state will disappear, and more the impact of being in the opposition will have on the budget going to the haredi community.

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