sinai terrorism

EGYPTIAN SECURITY officials inspect the site of a bomb blast targeted at soldiers on the highway bet

ISIS claims terror attack in North Sinai, killing four

Egypt is battling an Islamist militant insurgency that has carried out attacks mainly in the remote Sinai Peninsula.

Egyptian Army's Armoured Vehicles are seen on a highway to North Sinai during a launch of a major as

First casualties in Egypt's anti-terror crackdown, 16 militants killed in Sinai clashes

The security operation launched on Friday involves troops from the Egyptian air force, navy and army as well as the police and border guards.


NYT Report: ‘Israel struck over 100 targets in Sinai with Cairo’s okay’

Israeli and Egyptian officials refused to confirm the report by the New York Times.

ISIS in Sinai: Battered, weakened but still dangerous

The members of the Sinai Province of the Islamic State are fueled by a never-ending sense of divine mission.

EGYPTIAN SOLDIERS watch over worshipers outside Al Rawdah mosque earlier this month after the deadly

Egypt extends state of emergency by three months

The latest extension was to allow security forces to "take (measures) necessary to confront the dangers and funding of terrorism and safeguard security in all parts of the country."

Damaged vehicles are seen after a bomb exploded at Al Rawdah mosque in Bir Al-Abed, Egypt November 2

Despite ISIS threat, Egypt to invest in Sinai construction

Sisi ordered armed forces to end the insurgency within three months after an attack on a mosque in North Sinai last month killed more than 300 people.

Iron Dome

IDF says malfunction possible cause of 5 false rocket alarms overnight

Army says monitoring system detected rockets being launched but later admits sirens were false alarms.

Egyptian president orders: Use all brute force necessary to defeat ISIS

Sisi gives generals three months to cleanse the Sinai Peninsula of jihadist terrorists.

Israeli minister discusses ‘solidarity in fighting terrorism’ in Cairo

“We need to act together to eradicate terrorism everywhere and anywhere.”

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (C) stands with chiefs of staff and defense ministers of a Sa

Bin Salman hosts Arab defense summit, aims to galvanize military coalition

In the wake of the weekend's bloodbath in Egypt's Sinai, Saudi crown Prince says terror tarnishes Islam's reputation.

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