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How decisive was Netanyahu’s win forcing an amended indictment? - analysis

The prosecution has speculated that the meeting could have taken place at any time after Netanyahu fired Filber. But it should not feel secure. Court cases are often about momentum.

Netanyahu trial: Bibi's 'in your face' moment, Filber holds firm

Witness Shlomo Filber insisted a key meeting with Netanyahu still took place, despite a tactical victory for the former prime minister.

Prosecution asks court to amend indictment in Netanyahu trial

The state will back off from giving an exact week when an alleged key meeting took place between Netanyahu and key prosecution witness Shlomo Filber.

Netanyahu: Filber’s phone GPS shows he wasn't with ex-PM for key meeting

The prosecution maintains that Netanyahu and Filber met in late May and several times in June, so the exact date of Netanyahu’s order to assist with the alleged media bribery scheme is not critical.

Iyad al-Halak, who was killed by Border Police a few weeks ago.

Trial against police who killed special needs e. Jerusalem man continues

The hearing saw verbal and almost physical confrontations between the policeman and the family of Iyad al-Halak, who tried to get close enough to look him in the eye.

Netanyahu trial: For 4 years I’ve had mark of Cain on my head - Filber

As part of this betrayal in favor of the prosecution, for years Shlomo Filber endured massive attacks in the media and verbal abuse at his home from Netanyahu supporters.

Netanyahu trial: Filber loves to take Netanyahu's side - prosecutor

The prosecution accused Shlomo Filber, a key state witness, of constantly taking Netanyahu’s side as the defense cross-examined him for a second day.

Pro-Israel activist Eve Barlow banned from Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial

Barlow, a music journalist from Glasgow, Scotland, is Jewish and talks about the Jewish community and antisemitism on social media.

Netanyahu ordered me to advise with Milchin on merger - Filber

Filber testified on Wednesday that Netanyahu ordered him in the summer of 2015 to assist Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan, advance his interests in investing in the Keshet TV channel.

Filber: Netanyahu asked me if any laws were broken regarding Bezeq

Shlomo Filber said that Netanyahu questioned him about the legality of Bezeq dealings in order to create for himself an alibi.

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