Second-generation Holocaust survivor is running for Congress in Vermont

Balint, 54, the Democratic nominee for Vermont’s single seat in the US House, is running a campaign at once defined by her family’s Holocaust experience and seeking to move beyond it.


Jewish students call for Ben & Jerry's to evacuate 'illegally occupied' Vermont land

Over 1,000 Israeli university students have called for the ice cream company to return the land on which their Vermont headquarters sit to the Abenaki nation who previously lived there.

Vermont state senator whose grandfather died in Holocaust wins primary

Becca Balint, who has been a state senator since 2015, won Vermont’s Democratic primary on Tuesday, easily fending off her main competitor, Molly Gray.


Ezra Miller charged with felony burglary in Vermont

Miller, who has made controversial headlines this year for a number of incidences, is the star of the upcoming "Flash" movie, which is set to be released in June 2023.

Burlington BDS resolution to be pulled, sponsor cites antisemitism fears

Councilmember Ali Dieng said conversations he had with community members in recent days changed his mind and led him to believe that BDS is “one-sided” and that it contributes to antisemitism.


'Serve Ice Cream, Not Hate:' anti-BDS message flies by Ben & Jerry's plant

Reactions on social media were as divided as Chunky Monkey vs. Cherry Garcia in response to a flyover of Ben & Jerry's headquarters by an airplane with an anti-BDS banner.


COVID-19, maple trees: Robert Frost's message is still relevant - opinion

While the wall exists, Frost will not allow it and, by extension, any barrier to prevent him from meeting and talking with someone he differs with.

High-school student attempts to preserve Vermont’s oldest Jewish cemetery

“I’ve been connected with different historical societies, museums, the town of course, and different Jewish communities around the state. It’s a collective effort.”

Israeli kids wearing school bags ahead of the first day of school and kindergarten outside their hom

State's first-ever Jewish primary school opens in Vermont

The school will teach Jewish values and culture as well as Judaic studies and Hebrew immersion.


Former US governor slams Israel, Trump plan, 'what it means to be a Jew'

A search of Howard Dean’s other tweets reveals a growing obsession with American Jews. He does not tweet similar things about other minority groups.

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