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natural gas
Trump tries to renew Israeli-Lebanese talks on Mediterranean gas fields

Israel and Lebanon have a dispute over an 860 sq. km. area in the eastern Mediterranean Sea that includes several blocs rich in natural gas off the coasts of both countries.

Why the Chevron acquisition of Israel's Noble Energy is bad for Israel

Don’t drink (gas-infused) Kool-Aid, it's as brilliant as stock-piling ammonium nitrate in Beirut.

Steinitz on breaking the Arab boycott and becoming an energy superpower

Steinitz's proposal will increase the country’s use of solar energy from just a few percentage points today to 30% within the next 10 years.

Environmentalists attempt to halt Chevron operations in Israel

US energy giant is on track to acquire Noble Energy and its stakes in offshore gas fields

natural gas
Lebanon on edge as Israel considers natural gas near disputed waters

Lebanese MP Kassem Hachem called the decision to begin explorations in Block 72 "piracy" and a "declaration of war."

Minister of Energy and Likud MK, Yuval Steinitz, speaks at the The Jerusalem Post-Ma'ariv Elections
Steinitz: US, Israel to discuss drawing down peacekeeping force in Sinai

The drawdown would come as Egypt battles an Islamist insurgency in the desert peninsula

Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz speaks during an interview with Reuters in Athens, Greece, Ja
Why is Energy Minister leading Israeli efforts against ICC?

3 other ministers would seem to be more logical

The Leviathan gas platform, 10km. offshore Israel
Israel starts exporting natural gas to Egypt

The flow of natural gas to Egypt will both serve the domestic market and also enable exports of gas to Europe, via liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals located in Egypt.

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