Zehava Gal-On

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President Mahmoud Abbas

Abbas tells Meretz MK: Oslo 'is dead'

Mahmoud Abbas called Zehava Gal-On to offer condolences following the death of her father.

Meretz's Shabbat bus.

Peace Now head running for Meretz leader

Peace Now secretary-general Avi Buskila the first Sephardi head of Peace Now.

MK Tamar Zandberg

Tamar Zandberg joins Meretz leadership race

Zandberg, 41, said she believes the time has come for Meretz to have young, new leadership after years of the press declaring the party tired, boring, and irrelevant.

Meretz's Shabbat bus.

Darkhorse candidate in Meretz race hopes for surprise win

Avi Dabush, whose parents were born in Libya and Syria, would bring a new identity to Meretz, which has never had a Sephardi leader.

Zehava Gal-On

Meretz to hold first party primary

The council approved the new procedures, with 87% voting in favor.

Zehava Gal-On

Meretz leaders decide to hold leadership race on March 22

The party will hold a membership drive through February 17 that will allow thousands of new people to vote in the race.


‘Shame on U(N):’ Right and Left come out against Jerusalem decision

Politicians from across the political spectrum came out against the United Nations vote.

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