German zoo gets $26 million from widow of animal-loving Holocaust survivor

Reichert died in February 2021, at the age of 96, and it was not until recently that her estate was settled and funds could be disbursed.


Persian leopard makes aliyah from France to Ramat Gan Safari

The Safari Ramat Gan's new inhabitant comes from France and understands English but will get an Israeli name soon.


Botswana investigates elephant deaths near Chobe National Park

Two years after a natural toxin killed 300 elephants, a new spate of elephant deaths has authorities wondering what caused the deaths this time.


Russian forces stole art, raccoon, llama as they fled Kherson -Ukraine

Ukraine says that Russian forces have stolen cultural artifacts, raccoons, llamas, and other animals during their retreat from Kherson.

Lion mauls a man to death in Ghana zoo

Around noon on Sunday, a man gets mauled to death by a lion after entering the lion's enclosure at Ghana's Accra Zoo.


How do gorillas get our attention? A special scream called 'snough' - study

An experiment on gorillas in an Atlanta zoo found that they could be moderate vocal learners, indicating that language as a growth communicator may not be unique to humans.

Zoos: Cruel cages or compassionate conservation?

Zoos have come under incredible assault, as places that are utterly immoral prisons of cages for animals that should be allowed to roam free

Jerusalem's best, family friendly activities

From indoor amusement parks to zoos to interactive museums, Jerusalem may just be Israel’s most kid-friendly city. A comprehensive guide for all the family.

Siberian Tiger in the Philadelphia Zoo

COVID-19: 14-year-old tiger dies of coronavirus in Ohio

Jupiter died at the Columbus Zoo after developing pneumonia caused by COVID-19 complications.

An exploration of art, dance and extinction

In her video art, Arif-Galanti employed thousands of still images from the local zoo’s museum to weave a kaleidoscope of stuffed animals, dead insects and fauna granted a second leave of life.

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