Pope says will not increase security on travels despite risks

January 8, 2017 08:01

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis says he realizes he may be the target of an attack but that he will continue to travel without bulletproof vehicles or heavy security because he wants to get close to people.

Unlike his predecessors, who used bulletproof pope-mobiles or limousines, Francis uses ordinary cars on international trips, often in contrast to the leaders who greet him."I am aware of the risks involved," he said in the introduction to a new book by Italian author Andrea Tornielli.

"Maybe I'm reckless but I must say I don't have any fear for myself but I'm always worried about the safety of those who travel with me and above all that of the people that I meet in various countries. There is always the risk of a rash gesture by a madman. But the Lord is always there," he said.

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