Report: Islamists claims 600 arrests by Egyptian police

November 16, 2010 14:48

Approximately 600 members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested by Egyptian police ahead of the upcoming parliamentary election, AFP reported on Tuesday.

 Two hundred fifty of the arrested individuals are still being detained, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Politburo, Mohammed Mursi, official told AFP. Mursi stated that the arrests began after the Brotherhood announced Oct. 9 its intention to field candidates for the election set for Nov. 28 of this year."Arrests are still being made. Someone goes out to campaign, he gets harassed and arrested and then released in a few days," Mursi told AFP.

The Islamist party expects to present 135 candidates on this month's election ballot.

The ruling National Democratic Party has announced it is running 800 candidates for the 508 seats available. By way of comparison, the liberal Wafd opposition party has 250 candidates running.

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