Oil rich Arab Islamic nation with millenia of history, still struggling for stebillity following 2003 overthrown of dictator Sadam Hussein.
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40 years since Israeli attack on Iraq’s nuclear reactor - opinion

The Begin Doctrine ought to be understood in the context of Israel’s history and particular circumstances as a small country with no geographic depth, surrounded by enemies bent on its destruction.

Top US general warns of Iran, China and Russia in Middle East

US General Kenneth McKenzie talks Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan

US CENTCOM: Iran drone threat in Iraq

At a briefing with US Central Command head General Kenneth McKenzie on Monday, he discussed the increasing drone threat.

Iran weighs using Palestinians against Israel again

Whether it is Sheikh Jarrah or a planned march in Jerusalem, now called off, or other “threats,” there is always an excuse to stoke war plans.

Iran: ‘Iraq and Iran are one soul with two bodies’

The Iranian ambassador to Iraq threatened Israel in a speech he gave on Iran and Iraq's oneness.

KURDISH PROTESTERS carry flags and a banner with a portrait of jailed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)

Erdogan says Turkey 'neutralized' PKK official in Iraq camp strike

Ankara would not allow the PKK, which has waged a decades-long insurgency in southeast Turkey, to use Makhmour "as an incubator for terrorism", Erdogan said in a Tweet.

Drone displayed in Army Day parade in Iran, April 18, 2021

Iran’s proxies in Iraq increase drone war against US forces

On Sunday, Iraq’s Security Media Cell said that two drones were intercepted by air defenses at al-Asad air base.

TURKISH PRESIDENT Recep Tayyip Erdogan and then-US vice president Joe Biden chat after their meeting

US concerned after Turkey attacks refugee camp

In recent months, Turkey has increased its presence in northern Iraq. It has been accused of deforestation and depopulation of villages, including minority Christian villages.

The growing threat facing Israel from Iraq

BEHIND THE LINES: Iraq is already part of the northern crescent of threats facing Israel. The US presence, broader policy regarding Iran makes Israeli action in Iraq more complicated than in Syria.

Israel’s raid on Osirak, 40 years on

In 1980 the Middle East was dominated by a series of powerful non-democratic regimes. These included Saddam Hussein in Iraq, who had come to power and promised rapid industrialization of the country.

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