Antisemitism is defined as hostility and prejudice toward Jews as well as taking discriminatory action towards Jewish people. Some consider antisemitism to be a form of racism.

The word antisemitism finds its roots in the German word antisemitisch, first used in 1860 by Austrian Jewish scholar  Moritz Steinschneider, in his work regarding false ideas of "Semitic races" in comparison to "Aryan races." However, the discriminatory ideas and actions towards Jews have existed since long before the term was coined.

Early incidents of antisemitism and anti-Jewish persecution include the Edict of Expulsion from England in 1290, the persecution of Jews across Europe during the Black Death from 2348 - 1351, and the Spanish Inquisition and expulsion from Spain in 1492.

The 20th century saw both the Holocaust, the genocide of European Jews, and the expulsion of Jews from countries across the Middle East, leading to the displacement of approximately 850,000 Mizrahi Jews.

In recent years both Europe and the US have seen a steady increase in antisemitic incidents, and 90% of Jews in the European Union have said that they feel this is a serious problem.

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UNHRC discriminates against Israel, should send rapporteur home - opinion

Appointing a UNHRC rapporteur to Israel is an outrageous and totally fictitious antisemitic assessment of the relationship between our Arab citizens and residents, and the Jewish Israeli public.

Silver Center for Arts and Science, New York University

NYU student being investigated after ‘F**k Israel’ vandalism

Naye Idriss wrote “Free Palestine” and “F**k” above the word “Israel” on an Israeli mailbag in the recycling bin in NYU's Elmer Holmes Bobs library where she worked as an Arabic translator.


Ohio is investigating a Nazi homeschooling network that teaches children to love Hitler

The “dissidents” are a group of Nazi parents who share homeschooling lesson plans extolling the virtues of Hitler and white nationalism.


Rabbi of firebombed NJ synagogue: 'We've unfortunately been preparing for this'

Temple Ner Tamid canceled activities Sunday as the police investigated, marking the second time in recent months that the suburban congregation suspended activities because of antisemitism


Ilhan Omar says she was ‘unaware’ of antisemitic tropes regarding Jews and money

Omar, who has been critical of what she has called Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories, has reinforced antisemitic tropes in the past.

Jump or be pushed: German conservatives turn on ex-Nazi hunter over race comments

Hans-Georg Maassen was removed from his post after being accused of ignoring video evidence of far-right gangs chasing immigrants in riots.


‘Yeah, do it for Kanye’: A DC-area assault victim says his attackers made antisemitic comments

The Montgomery County victim was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. Police said they had arrested a man at a nearby McDonald’s.


Norway's sovereign wealth fund is engaging in antisemitism - opinion

What Norway's sovereign wealth fund is doing to Israel is antisemitic. Such a move by Norway will invigorate the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.


Molotov cocktail thrown at front door of New Jersey synagogue

An unknown masked person threw a Molotov cocktail at the front door of a synagogue around three in the morning.

Anti-vaccine activism melded with US antisemitism - study

This phenomenon is occurring through an “enabled and empowered anti-science ecosystem, with antisemitism and the targeting of Jewish biomedical scientists at its core.”

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