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Light pollution at night severely disrupts coral reproductive cycle

Last month, researchers at Tel Aviv University found that certain reef-building corals in the Red Sea’s Gulf of Eilat have lost their synchrony, “dramatically reducing” their chances of reproducing.

Bar-Ilan doctoral student receives Google PhD Fellowship

Yanai Elazar's studies currently focus on common sense understand in human language and how that understanding can transfer over to AI systems.

New cell-monitoring method paves way for disease prediction

Being able to identify these shifts in balance could lead to easier and more efficient means of diagnostics and preventative treatments.

Bar-Ilan studies how breast cancer patients gain weight during treatment

"We hope that in the future we will be able to identify those women who are at risk for weight gain through a simple examination – and perhaps even suggest ways to prevent this phenomenon."

Bar Ilan University, engineering department
Bar-Ilan part of int'l team to receive grant for work in nuclear dynamics

The researchers believe that these subsets have special properties, and high levels of gene expression which could be used to treat disease, pro-long life and health.

Ariel Sella, Dr. Anat Engel, & Prof. Arie Zaban
Bar-Ilan University and Wolfson Medical Center sign cooperation agreement

These projects will have potential to make positive global impact to various aspects of health related to the body, mind, spirit, society, and the environment.

Coronavirus pandemic can trigger PTSD for Holocaust survivors – study

"Survivors with Holocaust-related diseases reported higher COVID-19 worries than both survivors without Holocaust-related diseases and comparisons."

Mount Adir, in the upper Galilee
Bar-Ilan initiative aims to address health needs in disadvantaged Galilee

The incubator's efforts to bring greater health care to the Galilee are important, as the region has been known to lack many of the health services available to Israelis living in the center.

Yoaz Hendel visits Bar-Ilan U., presented with latest 5G technology

Hendel arrived at Bar-Ilan as a guest of the university's Center for Smart Cities, which views advanced technologies and 5G specifically as an important national project.

Human brain
Frustrated? Human patterns of synchronization may be the reason - study

Using an ensemble of 16 violinists, the researchers investigated human synchronization for the first time in a measurable and accurate way.

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