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Parents accompany their children to the kindergarten in Tel Aviv as they return to kindergarden on O

Education Ministry report: 1,659 schoolchildren infected with COVID-19

Overall, schools and kindergartens saw lower rates of infection that the general population.

New research sheds light on how children perceive leadership, hierarchy

The impact of this study can be significant in shaping parenting styles to result in better parent-child relationships.

Gov't fails to uphold promise to supervise daycares after abuse incidents

Focus on government regulation of private daycares was renewed after a series of high profile incidents of child abuse in daycare centers around the country in recent years.

Nitsan Shalom, area supervisor of E3 upper working in the field at the Lautenschläger Azekah Expedit

Archaeologist moms are provided with a babysitter at Azekah biblical dig

"I really want to send young female archaeologists the message that they can combine career and family and should not give up their dreams,” Tel Aviv University Prof. Oded Lipschits told the 'Post.'

Court extends arrest of 4 kindergarten employees for toddler abuse charges

"I'm angry, I'm hurt, my world is destroyed, my heart shattered, my child's life has been ruined. To the end I will not forgive them."


Superstar pediatrician hopes to advance his research in Israel

Dr. Harvey Karp lands in Tel Aviv with event to teach 1,000 parents to sooth their babies in sixty seconds or less.

PARENTS SHOULD read labels and look for items that are free of dye and perfume, and consider natural

Home cleaning products may increase risk of childhood asthma

With greater exposure to cleaning products, kids were also 35% more likely to have chronic wheezing and 49% more likely to have chronic allergies, a study found.


First Israeli government-sponsored Bedouin daycare opened

The center has two goals: to provide a safe care environment for children, and to enable Bedouin mothers to work outside the home

An Ethiopian woman holds a sign that says "Mom, I don't want to go to kindergarten."

Israeli kindergarten ordered closed after segregating children by race

“My daughter is worth as much as anyone else. She was born here and she is as good as anyone.”


What is going on with Israel’s daycare law?

“In Israel, the children don’t belong to the Education Ministry until age three,” Glantz said. “Until then, the centers are completely unsupervised."

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