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A tray containing cancer cells sits on an optical microscope in the Nanomedicine Lab at UCL's School
TAU pinpoints what brings about metastases in post-op cancer patients

With physical and psychological stress, hormones called prostaglandin and catecholamine are produced in greater amounts - suppressing activity of immune system cells while speeding up metastases.

PROF. TALMA HENDLER, founding director of the Sagol Brain Institute in Tel Aviv, examines a patient
Israeli scientists' new method improves brain function in elderly

The study found an improvement in the cognitive function in areas including attention, information processing speed, executive function, all of which typically decline with age

Israeli-Saudi interplay: When a molehill is just a molehill – analysis

Starved for acceptance, any crumb thrown in Israel’s direction from one of the Gulf States is transformed in Israel – and also by many Jews abroad – into a full-course meal.

De Niro to TAU students: COVID worse than 9/11

The virtual meeting with the Oscar winning actor and director was organized by Ido Aharoni, a graduate of TAU, former Israeli consul in New York and currently a lecturer at New York University.

How did you sleep through your alarm? TAU study reveals how deep we sleep

During deep sleep, unless a sound is powerful enough like an alarm clock, or instinctually meaningful like a baby's cry, our brain will rarely acknowledge them

Bayer to test new drugs on 3D-printed heart tissue at Tel Aviv University

The new method of testing bypasses many tedious screening methods, making it faster, cheaper and more efficient.

Scythian-Iranian arrowheads
2,700 years ago, new deadly weapons changed wars in biblical Israel

“There is no question that the Assyrian army could count on significant technological advancements in the battlefield. No one could stand up to them when they laid siege for example."

CBD oil is seen displayed at The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCBExpo) trade show
Innocan raises NIS 12.5m. to develop CBD-based COVID-19 treatment

The platforms were developed to treat a variety of diseases. In the case of coronavirus, they work to ease the inflammatory process and contribute to the recovery of infected lung cells

TAU team to represent Israel in L’Oréal Brandstorm finals

The team was led by marketing researcher Dr. Irit Nitzan and Nurit Hod. It will represent Israel in the finals, which will be held online in June.

General view of the excavation area in Tel Bet Yerah.
Feast of snails and pig sheds life on Hellenist life in ancient Galilee

“If we look at food remains in Jewish settlements from the same period, we see very different species,” Pines, whose expertise is in the field of zoo-archaeology, told the Post.

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