Saddam-era ‘red devil’ leader Douri reported dead – again

After the US invasion al-Douri vanished and became one of the world's most wanted men. His family was detained but he evaded capture.

Islamic State warns Saudi Arabia after allies normalize ties with Israel

Chatter about attack in kingdom highlights delicate balance in Saudi rulers’ plans for national reforms.

SYRIANS EXCAVATE a mass grave in Syria in the wake of the ISIS war
US charges ISIS members linked to murder of Jewish journalist in Syria

Sotloff was a Jewish journalist who went to Syria to cover the war.

A boy looks out from inside a tent in al-Roj camp, Syria, January 10, 2020.
ISIS Exploiting Coronavirus Pandemic, Counter-Terror Experts Warn

Islamic State insurgency reaping successes in Iraq, Syria as global network grows

Canadian police arrest man over 'hoax' Islamic State activity

Shehroze Chaudhry, made social media posts talking about his role with Islamic State, gave several media interviews but a police investigation found the 25-year-old had no links to the group.

TURKISH PRESIDENT Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Turkey’s relationship with ISIS proves it's deserting its European allies

ISIS was so successful in 2014 in part because Turkey's President Erdoğan is a vocal supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

US investigated hundreds of reports of civilian casualties in Iraq, Syria

This report is unique because America has rarely carried out airstrikes against pro-Iranian groups in Iraq.

Anti-ISIS command handed over in Iraq, Syria amid regional tensions

Lt.-Gen. Paul Calvert takes over after a year where the US-led coalition, which is fighting ISIS, handed over eight facilities to Iraq and confronted the Covid-19 crisis.

The battle for Mosul, Iraq, in 2017 left rubble-strewn cities. One of the book’s authors lost her br
Mosul war victim struggles to make ends meet through pandemic

Lockdown was eased two weeks ago, but the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic has left Sattar's friends unable to help him to the same degree.

ISIS spreading in Africa, seizes a city in Mozambique

This slow process of ISIS radicalization has taken place for a year or more.

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