An empty hospital bed at Hasharon Hospital
Health Ministry warns of alternative health center's untested methods

The ministry has warned against the method used by the center's owner, Eran Ashhar, which he calls "Surgical Nutrition," claiming that it can be used to heal several severe illnesses.

Drug for rare immune system disease to be considered for health basket

Eosinophilic esophagitis can cause irreversible damage to esophageal tissue.

Israeli study finds effective, less invasive way to treat preterm babies

"It sounds like something minor, is a statistic that allows for a significant improvement in preterm care," says Dr. Hochwald, who led the study.

Hillel's Tech Corner: DermaDetect uses phones to detect skin conditions

One of the most fascinating uses of the mobile camera is in the medical field. The potential here is endless, as we all walk around with smartphones in our pockets.

Revolutionary inner ear study could help reverse hearing loss

Israeli researchers have for the first time shown that the organization of hair cells is driven by mechanical forces like how atoms are organized into a crystal.

New immigrants from France disembark at Ben-Gurion Airport last year
Gov't approves fast-tracking immigrant medical professionals’ licensing

"We must strive to help immigrants integrate into the labor market in Israel, and this proposal is to realize the employment potential of new immigrants in medicine."

Jewish psychedelics advocate working to turn drug into legal medicine

In the United States, research on these chemicals has been banned since the 1960s because, in the government’s judgment, they have no recognized medical value.

Cancer illustrative
Israeli scientists pioneer less invasive breast cancer detection methods

Liquid biopsies allow researchers to isolate genetic material known as circulating cell-free DNA (or cfDNA), from bodily fluids.

An Israeli medical worker holds vials containing a vaccine for H1N1 flu virus in Tel Aviv, 2009
100,000 flu vaccines to arrive in Israel to combat shortage

A pharmaceutical company in the UK will send 100,000 flu vaccines to Ichilov, targeting populations in the 2-49 age range, as they have not yet received them due to shortage.

Virtual image of human heart
Israeli company soon to begin trial on stroke-risk reduction device

The company completed its first pre-clinical chronic procedure, alongside IMMR, one of the world's leading pre-clinical laboratories.

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