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Germany to dissolve special forces unit over far-right links

In May, police seized weapons, explosives and ammunition during a raid on the private property of a KSK soldier in the eastern state of Saxony.

Sacha Baron Cohen gets far-right rally to sing about Soros, Obama, Fauci

“Dr. Fauci, what we gonna do? Inject him with the Wuhan flu,” he sang, according to video posted on social media, which showed some members of the crowd singing along.

A man wearing a Swastika [Illustrative]
New UK report exposes massive online network of far-right antisemitism

The report, titled 'Hate Fuel: the hidden online world fuelling far right terror,' focused on four relatively unregulated social media platforms: BitChute, Gab, 4chan and Telegram.

Netanyahu appoints controversial adviser who trashed Obama and Biden

Aaron Klein, former Breitbart journalist, hired by Netanyahu as strategic consultant; Said Biden should be concerned about Russian collusion

Bennett's opening salvo against Palestinian statehood, Trump peace plan

Support for Palestinian statehood “is a point of no-return. One can’t recognize and then un-recognize Palestinian statehood. It’s like un-cooking scrambled eggs,” Bennett said.

Protesters rally outside of the state capitol building before the vote on the extension of Governor
US militia leader says 'compliant' Jews to blame for Holocaust

Ammon Bundy, a right-wing American militia leader and anti-government leader, said at a protest that Jews are to be blamed for their fate since they were too 'compliant' during the Holocaust.

Alternative for Germany (AfD) leader Alexander Gauland raises his arm during a plenum session at the
Far-right German leader: Victory over Nazis ‘day of absolute defeat’

Gauland delivered his comment ahead of the 75th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe started by Nazi Germany.

We all share the same future

A road map on Arab-Israelis for the new government

President Rivlin meets with Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz about forming a government
Likud, Blue and White resume talks with deadline Monday night

High Court rejects petition to disqualify Netanyahu to form government.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Naftali Bennett tour Mount Avital in the Gola
Why did so many religious-Zionist voters choose Bibi not Bennett?

Yamina gained seven seats in last September's election, but just six in Monday's ballot.

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