Hundreds of abandoned dogs living in garbage-filled landfill in Arad

SPCA: "This level of neglect has gone on for many years. We should not have reached this point."

Fire in Rahat, May 20, 2020
Israel hit by wildfires, heatstroke amid extreme heatwave

Residents of an immigrant absorption center in Beersheba are living through the heatwave without air conditioning

Bedouins wait at a bus stop during a sandstorm in the southern Bedouin city of Hura
Why did Israel's coronavirus epicenter exit a lockdown overnight?

'We don't even have enough information and that which we do have is very worrying. This is the most disturbing infection epicenter in Israel today.'

A historical plaque at the entrance of the Congregation Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim in Charleston, SC
Museum of Southern Jewish culture to open in New Orleans in fall

Each state represented in the museum has a unique Jewish history, but tends to diverge from the early Jewish American experience that northerners may know of.

Explosive balloon found in southern Israel, Feb. 3, 2020
Gaza balloon units threaten to use tear gas balloons in coming days

Eight explosive balloons were reported in Israel on Monday. Regional council head: "video... allows [us] to imagine what would happen if the balloons had landed in a kindergarten, God forbid."

Explosive balloon in the Shaar HaNegev Regional Council, Jan. 30, 2020
Explosive balloons fall in southern Israel, over 70 km. from Gaza

Israel Police stress that all cases of a suspicious object being spotted should be reported by calling 100. Civilians should not touch the object and should keep their distance.

A VIEW of the Afridar neighborhood in Ashkelon, which was modeled on a South African town.
Ashkelon honors its founders in ceremony

City pays tribute to South African Jewish community that helped build, design and run it 70 years ago.

Overhead view of Beersheba
Don’t label us a periphery

The time has come for a genuine national plan that will offer those living in “the periphery” something more than just shortening the time they are stuck in traffic.

Members vote during a meeting of the United Nations Security Council about the situation in Crimea a
LIVE: Israeli who lives near Gaza border speaks to UN Security Council

Adele Raemer, a resident of Kibbutz Nirim near the Gaza Strip, will share the reality that residents of Israel's south experience in the shadow of rocket fire from Gaza.

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