Illustration of DNA molecules passing through a nanopore.
New, more accurate coronavirus test proposed by Technion

Lab researchers propose an alternative to the popular PCR testing method for coronavirus: instead of a larger sample size, a much smaller one can be used.

Jacob Kher-Alden
A Technion student has just smashed the world record for light resonance

Graduate student Jacob Kher-Alden created a floating resonator which exhibits resonant enhancement by 10 million circulations of light, compared to about 300 circulations in previous models.

The stroke triage and notification platform
Technion, U. of Missouri team takes home second at medical hackathon

Over 1,000 people participated in this year's hackathon, which invites students, doctors, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs from all over to compete to create innovative medical technologies.

Human brain
Technion team unveils secrets of how the brain achieves skilled movement

They hope that the research will be able to help people who suffer from movement difficulties stemming from brain diseases in the future.

Doctor inspects an x-ray, illustrative
Technion researchers develop new radiation sources

The radiation sources may reduce costs by replacing current, expensive facilities.

Research by Yafit Gilboa of Jerusalem's Hebrew University on cognitive decline among cancer survivor
Israeli researchers discover how stress affects fight against COVID-19

“We’re going to see the outcomes of this outbreak way beyond the direct effects of the virus on those who were infected."

cannabis weed marijuana medical plant pot joint
Cannabis may harm chance of successful treatment for cancer patients - study

Cannabis consumption by advanced cancer patients lightens symptoms and side effects, but may impair the success of immunotherapy.

Technion discovers how to reduce cognitive damage from brain disease

Researchers: This breakthrough demonstrates a potential new treatment for cognitive damages in the brain white matter.

Satellite constellation formed by the three nano-satellites
Technion, IAI develop unique nano-satellite receiver for distress signals

The satellites will be used to receive signals from Earth and to calculate the location of the transmission source for rescue purposes.

Can you predict an NBA player's performance during a game? Technion did

Researchers at the Technion developed a new method to predict NBA player performance based off of past performance metrics and pregame interviews.

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