What’s behind Iran’s terror campaign in Europe?

BEHIND THE LINES: The plot to bomb the Paris NCRI rally reflects a notable pattern of activity by certain Iranian state bodies, conducted via Iranian representations abroad.

My Word: It’s not rocket science

Thousands of miles and tons of hypocrisy separate those who call for Israeli restraint while ignoring the fact that security depends on deterrence.

Protesters carry Al-Qaeda flags during an anti-government protest after Friday prayers
Al-Qaeda’s threat to Jews spurred operation to kill top leader - report

Masri was reportedly killed by Israeli operatives at the behest of the US in August while he was hiding in Iran.

Money for terror.
We can't ignore the funding of terrorism any longer - opinion

The effects of Iranian-sponsored terrorism have been felt around the globe.

Shi'ite Houthi rebels, Ansar al-Sharia flag in Almnash, stronghold of Ansar al-Sharia, Al Qaeda
Israeli agents killed al-Qaeda’s No. 2 in Iran in August - NYT

Report reveals US-Israel cooperation against Tehran, terrorist group

Twelve charged in Germany with plotting mosque attacks, murders

Germany has experienced a spate of right-wing attacks in recent years directed at minorities and those perceived to support them.

Two men arrested in Switzerland for visiting the Vienna attacker in July

Swiss authorities have said the two men were "obviously friends" of the attacker and had met in person, but did not say when.

Understanding Pakistan's deadly trade of terrorism

The Pakistan Army, the civilian government of Imran Khan and non-state terrorist outfits are hand in glove in the deadly trade of terrorism.

Iran after the US election: We suffered US economic terror for three years

The US walked away from the Iran deal in 2018 and has put “maximum pressure” on Iran led by men like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Iran czar Brian Hook and Elliott Abrams.

Police officers stand guard on a street after exchanges of gunfire in Vienna, Austria November 3
Austria admits 'intolerable mistakes' in checks on Vienna attacker

Austria had already admitted fumbling intelligence from Slovakia that the 20-year-old gunman had attempted to buy ammunition there.

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