Ahmadinejad: Upcoming nuclear talks 'historic opportunity'

Iranian President Manmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday said the next round of nuclear talks between Teheran and six world powers scheduled to take place in Istanbul next month represent a "historic opportunity to change confrontation to interaction and cooperation," Reuters reported.
"We hope the Istanbul meeting becomes a good meeting with lasting results," Ahmadinejad said in Istanbul following the close of a regional economic summit.
Ahmadinejad, however, did not give the impression that he was on the verge of making compromises on the issue of Iran's controversial nuclear program.
"Iran's nuclear path is irreversible," he said, adding that the US and its allies "have unsuccessfully tried to violate our obvious right".
"Sanctions have no impact on Iran's decision-making process ... and sanctions have always failed ... Our enemies cannot harm our very strong economy by imposing sanctions on Iran," Ahmadinejad added.