Army chief hits back at far-right critics - 'IDF is not a democracy'

The army chief of staff on Friday hit back at far-right critics unhappy over his past remarks about the need for soldiers to show restraint in dealing with Palestinian attackers.
In an interview with Army Radio, IDF Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot said that while he "doesn't believe that the army or myself is under attack, there are some things [that have been said] that I can't ignore."
"The public's trust in the IDF is central to the IDF's ability to actualize its purpose," Eisenkot told Army Radio during a special pre-Passover broadcast honoring lone soldiers.
"Nonetheless, the IDF is not a democracy. It has rules and principles. It has a norm of behavior."
"It is incumbent upon us as commanders to set a high moral threshold in order to delineate proper norms of behavior, even if they are unpopular," the army chief said.