Likud party: We've lost faith in Gantz, judicial reform negotiations

The Likud party has lost faith in the negotiations with the opposition about the government's judicial reform plans and will now consider its next steps together with the heads of the coalition, the party announced in a Saturday evening statement.

"[National Unity leader Benny] Gantz proved once again that throughout the last three months, the negotiations were a smokescreen for them, his whole intention was to delay and destroy any chance of compromises and understandings. We have lost all faith in them! We will consider our steps together with the heads of the coalition accordingly," the statement read.

Opposition leader and Yesh Atid chairman MK Yair Lapid and Gantz argued in a press conference on Wednesday that Netanyahu had failed to ensure that the judge selection committee would convene and begin to appoint judges, and therefore there was no point in continuing the talks.