Barak: We are obligated to keep migrant workers' children in Israel

Barak We are obligated

The Labor Faction on Monday added its voice to the public outcry against the proposed deportation of 1,200 children of migrant workers, calling for the government to grant the children's parents Israeli citizenship. "It is our Jewish, national, moral and human obligation to keep the children in Israel," said Defense Minister Ehud Barak during Monday's faction meeting. Human rights organizations in Israel congratulated their new supporters, expressing hope that Labor ministers and MKs would actively oppose the proposed deportation bill, set to be discussed in a government session on November 1. Later on Monday, dozens gathered in Tel Aviv's Hatikva neighborhood to protest the living conditions induced by the abundance of migrant workers in the southern part of the city. The residents complained that a Jewish atmosphere was absent from foreign-populated areas and that it was sometimes unsafe to walk around at night. Others retaliated that the dangers in south Tel Aviv had more to do with its drug and prostitution industry than with its migrant population.