Boy who survived plane crash back in Netherlands

AMSTERDAM — The 9-year-old Dutch boy who survived the plane crash in Libya arrived back in the Netherlands on a medical evacuation flight Saturday as Dutch, US and other investigators worked in Libya to determine the cause of the crash.
Ruben van Assouw's survival has been hailed as a miracle. He was found unconscious but alive in wreckage Wednesday near Tripoli airport. Everyone else on the plane was killed — 103 people in all, including Ruben's parents and his 11-year-old brother.
An Associated Press cameraman saw the boy's plane touch down at a military airport in Eindhoven, Netherlands and he was whisked away in an ambulance with darkened windows.
Due to privacy requests by the boy's relatives, access to the airport was tightly restricted and camouflage nets had been hung from its fences. The Dutch Foreign Ministry confirmed the boy's arrival but said it would not comment on his future plans.