Clash with tribesmen in Yemen capital kills soldier

SANAA - Fighting between government forces and opponents of outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh on the streets of the capital Sanaa has killed one soldier, the Defense Ministry said.
The violence late on Friday near government buildings and the compound of Sadeq al-Ahmar, a foe of Saleh commanding significant forces, was the latest challenge to a Gulf-brokered transition plan to prevent civil war after 10 months of bloody anti-Saleh protests.
Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia shares US fears more instability in Yemen would embolden the country's al-Qaida wing - against which Washington has waged a campaign of drone strikes - in a country sitting next to oil shipping routes.
The Defense Ministry, in a posting on its website, accused the Ahmar tribesmen of launching attacks in the northern district of Hasaba with the aim of "derailing efforts towards establishing security and stability in the capital and other areas."