Controversial film law passes first reading in Knesset

A controversial amendment to a law sponsored by Culture Minister Miri Regev passed its first reading in the Knesset today and will be brought to a 2nd and 3rd vote tonight.
The proposed changes to the film law, had been voted down in the Knesset's previous summer session.
"We have succeeded in thwarting the culture minister's attempt to take political control over the film industry, and adding 25 percent to the film support budget," said Yesh Atid MK Ofer Shelah, referring to a 20 million NIS increase to the existing 80 million NIS film budget. "Our opposition to the law remains unchanged, but I am proud of the achievement by the opposition which was determined in its struggle."
Miri Regev in a statement thanked Finance Minister Kahlon for increasing the budget and called the passing of the law a historic move to increase transparency.