Copts marking Palm Sunday in Jerusalem condemn Egypt attack

Christians from the Coptic community who marked Palm Sunday in Jerusalem voiced anger and concern over latest lethal attacks on their denomination's churches in Egypt.
Afaf Badie, a Coptic Christian from Egypt on pilgrimage in Jerusalem, said, "(These are) very disturbing incidents and we are very sad. What benefit whoever done it got from it? I do not know what to say. Where is the government? What is happening to us is horrible."
Another Coptic pilgrim from Egypt, Adel Gergis, said that the attacks were an attack on Egypt as a whole. "Whatever happens, we are brothers. These attacks are not targeting Christians, it is aiming to break the Egyptian entity. The Egyptian entity will not be broken, never, not under any situation. We are one, and will live like one."
Islamic State claimed responsibility for the two Coptic church bombings in Egypt on Palm Sunday that killed at least 36 and injured over 100, the group's news agency Amaq said.