Defense minister welcomes court ruling on 'Tal Law'

Defense Minister Ehud Barak welcomed Tuesday the High Court of Justice ruling to stop the extension of the "Tal Law."
"I have said several times over the last few weeks that after ten years the law did not meet expectations and did not result in the required change in widening the circle of people participating in civic duties," Barak said, calling on the government to act quickly to pass a new law that would "bring equality to Israeli society."
Barak said that he had suggested allowing the army to choose suitable people, and giving significant rewards to soldiers, which would include allowing them higher education and the chance to choose a career and enter civilian life on the right foot.
However, the Defense Minister also suggested setting a quota of 2,000 to 3,000 Torah prodigies, who would be allowed to carry on studying. The remaining Haredim would be integrated into national service and later on into employment, in order to stimulate both personal and national growth.