EU adds part of Modi'in to settlement list

Ignoring a formal Israeli protest, the EU on Tuesday publicized a list of Israeli settlements beyond the Green Line -- including parts of Modi'in–Maccabim–Re'ut – from which products manufactured will not be allowed duty-free entrance into Europe.
Since 2005, Israeli exporters to EU countries have had to list zip codes and place names from where good were manufactured. Under the EU-Israel free trade agreement, Israeli products are allowed into the EU duty free, but not products made in the settlements. EU products coming into Israel also enjoy a duty-free status.
Israeli officials said that amid protests from various European NGOs and parliamentarians, who claimed that a number of goods were slipping through the cracks, the EU decided to publicize the list of locales and zip codes from which duties on products must be levied. The policy itself is not new, only the publication of the names.
Nevertheless, it elicited an angry reaction from the foreign ministry for two reasons: the move was taken even though Israel and the EU have been in consultation about it for a number of weeks, and also because it included three zip code areas in Modi'in-Maccabim–Re'ut. Those zip codes are 71724, 71728 and 71799.