Family members eulogize Tuesday's terror victims

Hundreds of people participated Wednesday in the funerals of the four victims of Tuesday's terror attacks near Kiryat Arba.
"I am sorry I didn't spend more time with you," 16-year-old Ariel Ames, who lost his mother and father, Tali, 45, and Yitzhak Ames, 47, said in his eulogy. "I love you, am in pain, am confused, and really love you."
"Right now I am not scared, I am sure you are in a good place," said husband of Kochava Even-Haim, 37. "Look at what a group you guys are, there is none like you. There hasn't been a group like this since the days of Rabbi Akiva."
"Avishai, we have come to part from you, at the place where you built you house," said uncle of Avishai Schindler, Rabbi Zvi Shelva. "We all promise to continue in your path."
Tali and Yitzhak Ames will be buried in the Mount of Olive Cemetery in Jerusalem.
Kochava Even-Haim will be buried in Ashdod and Avishai Schindler in Petah Tikva.