France's Hollande says pushing hard for Syria solution

VARCES, France - President Francois Hollande said on Saturday France was pushing hard for a political end to the conflict in Syria, after the conservative opposition angered the government by calling for rapid foreign intervention.
Hollande, breaking off his summer holiday to attend a ceremony for a soldier killed in Afghanistan, said France had deployed a medical team to Jordan to help with the humanitarian crisis caused by the conflict in neighboring Syria.
"We are carrying out our humanitarian duty in addition to support for the Syrian opposition and also a determined search for a political transition in Syria," he said at the military ceremony, standing before the flag-draped coffin of France's 88th soldier killed in Afghanistan.
France, which holds the rotating chair of the UN Security Council this month, has convened a ministerial-level meeting of the body for August 30 to discuss the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Syria and the wider region.