Gal-On: Separate buses for Jews, Palestinians tantamount to apartheid

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon’s security edict that will prevent Palestinian laborers, who cross the security barrier to work in Israeli communities, from returning home aboard the country’s public bus lines, is tantamount to apartheid, Meretz Chairman Zahava Gal-On charged on Wednesday.
The security program, which was put in place on Wednesday, would require Palestinian workers to head home at night through the same IDF checkpoints from which they entered Israel. The three-month pilot program will be implemented at four checkpoints in the West Bank, Israel Radio reported.
Gal-On said the Defense establishment was caving in to pressure by Jewish settlers who have long complained about the presence of Palestinians on Israeli bus lines, calling the separation "unacceptable in a democratic state."
"This is how apartheid looks," the Meretz leader said in a statement, "there is no better or nicer way to put it. Separate buses for Jews and Palestinians proves that democracy and occupation cannot coexist."