Hanegbi: We won't allow Hezbollah to get strategic weapons

Israel will not allow Hezbollah exploit the Syrian chaos to arm itself with strategic weapons, which will increase its confidence and the chances of it launching future attacks on Israel, Knesset Member and former chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Tzahi Hanegbi told Army Radio on Sunday, following two air strikes on targets in Damascus in the past 48 hours which foreign media sources say were carried out by the Israel Air Force.
"What we want is primarily is to guarantee that within the chaos in Syria we don’t see Hezbollah getting stronger in such a way that would motivate it to act against us, and as a result of which find ourselves dragged into a confrontation that would lead to greater losses than in the past, because we did not act in time," Hanegbi said.
"We have no interest in getting involved [in the Syrian civil war]," Hanegbi said, but Israel also had no interest in seeing advanced surface to surface, surface to air, and surface to sea missiles in Hezbollah's hands, he added. Israel will seek to safeguard its interests "with determination, and without getting involved [in the Syrian conflict]," he said.
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