Head of Israel Allies Caucus in Congress applauds Arizona's anti-BDS law

The Israel Allies Caucus Chairman Congressman Trent Franks praised the Arizona House of Representatives on Wednesday for passing a bill prohibiting the investment of state funds in companies that boycott Israel.
The legislation (HB/2617), which passed on Monday by a 42-16 vote, also requires parties contracting with the state government to certify that they do not participate in boycotts against Israel.
“The United States and the State of Israel, from its inception, have enjoyed a long history of friendship and are great allies in support of each other’s interests, including economic interests, many of which benefit the State of Arizona’s economy." Franks wrote on Wednesday. 
Franks called the BDS movement "a burgeoning campaign, shamefully aimed at disrupting the economic and financial stability of the State of Israel." 
“As part of our efforts to combat this unusual and extraordinary threat, I stand in strong support with the State of Arizona’s Legislature in passing HB 2617, which promotes and strengthens Arizonians’ economic interests, while ensuring the state government does not financially support commercial efforts to boycott, divest or sanction the State of Israel,” the congressman wrote. 
HB/2617 was sponsored by Republican House Speaker David M. Gowan Sr. who said the bill aims to stand with Israel, which he called Arizona’s “dear friend in the Middle East.’’
The organization StandWithUS, which aims to educate about Israel, also applauded the Arizona legislature for the initiative.
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