Herzog: Confrontational period ahead between gov't, W. Bank extremists

Herzog Confrontational

Welfare and Social Services Minister Isaac Herzog said on Friday that "we are entering a confrontational period in dealing with extreme elements in Judea and Samaria who are opposed to the freeze on settlement construction." Speaking to Israel Radio, Herzog went on to say that the decision to freeze settlement construction for 10 months was not a result of American pressure. Rather, as Prime Binyamin Netanyahu clarified, "the moratorium decision was based on Israel's national interest which demands a renewal of negotiations with the Palestinians," said Herzog. Minister Herzog, in his remarks, also scolded Sports and Culture Minister Limor Livnat's harsh criticism of US President Barak Obama. "The United States continues to stand beside Israel in dealing with today's most difficult international struggles, including the Goldstone Report," said Herzog. Speaking at a Likud activists' meeting in Beersheba on Thursday, Livnat said that Israel had "fallen into the hands of a horrible American administration."