High Court takes Ze'ev Rozenstein off mob boss list

The infamous convicted underworld felon Ze'ev Rozenstein will no longer be classed as an organized crime leader, the High Court ruled on Monday, following a petition filed by the prisoner.
The ruling came after Rozenstein, who is serving a 17-year-prison sentence, objected to his classification as a mob boss by the Prisons Service.
The category of mob boss placed him under increased monitoring, due to fears that he could be harmed, or attempt to flee the Shateh prison in northern Israel where he is incarcerated. Rozenstein also said he was being denied medical treatment and vacation times, and that his visiting hours and phone rights were restricted.
The Prisons Service said, however, that intelligence information shows that he was running a business from behind bars and that feuds existed between Rozenstein and other inmates.
Nevertheless, the Service agreed to retract its classification in exchange for a cancellation of the petition by Rozenstein.