IEC: Our emissions keep dropping

The Israel Electric Corporation said Wednesday that pollution from its power stations had continued to drop in 2009 as compared to previous years. Sulfur dioxide dropped six percent, nitrogen oxide by 4%, particles dropped 12% and carbon dioxide 4.5%.
The company attributed the drop to running more power stations on natural gas all the time instead of fuel and diesel oil. Injecting salt-free water into the burners in those power stations still running on diesel also reduced pollution.
Earlier this week, the Environmental Protection Ministry ordered the IEC to reduce coal dust at its Orot Rabin plant in Hadera. The IEC said Wednesday it was investing millions of dollars to clean up the plant.
The report on Wednesday made no mention of the Project D coal-fired power plant in Ashkelon that the company has been pushing. Environmentalists say the pollution emitting plant is unnecessary and the country should be investing in more renewable energy. The company has countered that with demand rising every year, the plant is critical. Furthermore, new technologies will significantly reduce emissions from the new plant, it claims.