If you’ve given blood to MDA, call anytime to determine type

Have you lived your whole life and donated blood in Israel but still do not know what blood type you have? Magen David Adom is now ready to relieve your curiosity. Clarifying your blood type can sometimes even save lives.
The first-aid, blood-supply and ambulance service has introduced a new service for people who have donated blood to MDA to find out if they are A, O, B or AB and + or -.
“We encourage donors and donors to call by phone and clarify their blood type, since it is of great importance,” said Prof. Eilat Shinar, head of its blood services. “Blood donations are of vital importance in MDA ’s blood services activities, and without them we would find it difficult to carry out our mission – preserving the state’s blood supply in both calm and emergency situations.”
She added that the information is also important for women of childbearing age and in cases where we need certain types of blood.
Through this new service, the information will be available and accessible to MDA blood donors at any time.
“We thank all blood donors in Israel and call on them to come in and give for saving lives,” Shinar said.
The system, which functions around the clock, works without human intervention.
An automated and computerized voice that identifies and understands speech will ask your Israeli identity card number and the number of your donation.
The new service was launched on Monday and is available by calling (03) 530-0400.