In Moldova, thousands rally against new government

Thousands protested in the Moldovan capital on Sunday against the newly-appointed government and prime minister.

Demonstrators near the government headquarters in Chisinau waved flags and listened to speeches delivered amid chants of "We are the People".

Some were holding icons and carrying white flowers as a sign of peaceful protest.

"Ambassadors (of the US and the EU) and partners in development, the great people of Moldova want only one thing: to orchestrate the political parties on a snap election. This is a common goal that has united us and this is what we expect from you - do not support the mafia, support the people of Moldova," said Vasile Nastase, chairman of the civic group Dignity and Truth, as he addressed the rally.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) quoted police as saying that some 16,000 people came to the rally.