Israel signals may ask for more US military aid over Iran deal

Israel signaled on Friday that it would ask the United States for increased military aid to counter any threats that may arise as result of the international agreement on Iran's nuclear program.
Israel gets $3 billion in annual military aid from Washington under a package due to expire in 2017 and has in recent years secured hundreds of millions of dollars in additional US funding for missile defense.
Israel and the United States had been in talks on future grants but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suspended them in the run-up to Tuesday's agreement which curtailed Iran's nuclear projects, which he condemned as insufficient.
Netanyahu plans to lobby the US Congress not to approve the nuclear deal.
But Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon on Friday appeared to regard congressional ratification as a foregone conclusion and described the deferral of aid discussions with Washington as an opportunity to assess the ramifications of the agreement.
"We talk about the American defense aid, it is clear that the situation here has changed and must be studied," Ya'alon told Israel's Channel 2 TV.