J'lem: Anonymous vandals desecrate war memorial

Anonymous vandals desecrated a Jerusalem war memorial, police discovered Monday, just days before the national Memorial Day commemoration.
Vandals spray-painting anti-Zionist slogans on Jerusalem's Givat Hatachmoshet memorial, which commemorates a fierce battle between Jordanian and Israeli troops during the 1967 Six-Day War.
Among the slogans, the vandals wrote "Zionism is the original sin, Zionists are wretched," and "Gunter Grass was right," referring to a German writer who wrote earlier this month that Israel was a serious threat to global peace and security, and who the Interior Ministry subsequently declared a persona non grata.
Police said they believed the perpetrators also sought but failed to burn an Israeli flag hanging at the site.
Police opened an investigation, but have made no arrests.