Lieberman: UN commission established in advance to blame Israel

Lieberman UN commission

The Goldstone Commission was established in advance in order to find Israel guilty, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Thursday in response to the release of the report publishing the findings of a UN body investigating Israel for alleged war crimes committed during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. "The Goldstone Commission is a commission established with the aim of finding Israel guilty of crimes ahead of time, [the commission] was dispatched by countries in which the terms 'human rights' and 'combat ethics' are unknown," he said. Lieberman added that "the IDF was forced to deal with the lowest form of terrorists that set themselves the goal of killing women and children [by] hiding behind women and children. The state of Israel will continue to protect its citizens from the attacks of the terrorists and the terror organizations, and will continue to protect its soldiers from hypocritical and distorted attacks."